The hybrids are coming!

You may have already seen them around the city. MUNI has 63 hybrid-electric buses on order from Orion Bus Industries in Oriskany, NY. Once built they are driven to San Francisco

Muni in Arizona??

Using data found in the NextBus data set, I have tracked a handful of the new buses as they cross the country. Most of them take Interstate-10 through Tucson, Arizona. By linking time & location of the buses to known locations of traffic cameras, the video to the right was captured.

See Orion Go!

I have archived the locations of the Orion buses, and built a Google Earth KMZ file from it. If you have Google Earth installed, download the file from the link below and open it in Google Earth.

This file in particular shows the route of the bus called Orion 153, which is the bus you see in the video above.

>> Download Muni_Orion_153.kmz

Orion is here!

One of the new buses outside of Forest Hill (Laguna Honda) Station

More images on Flickr

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